Cirkus La Bulle back in Berlin!


East side galery Berlin

Our circus story started in Berlin already 13 years ago when we discovered the magic of acrobatic and juggling as a tool of youth work there…

Since then we have accomplished many things and tirelessly worked for the recognition of circus pedagogy.

Finally last week, we returned to Berlin after so many years to attend the training course »step into strategic partnership« organised by the German national agency.

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Erasmus + Training course Game Zone in France


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Cirkus la Bulle is going to be a partners in the training course about game Based Learning & Educational Simulation/Roleplay Games called “Game Zone“.

The training course is organised by Association La Villa (FR) Shokkin Group (EST) and BE international (CZ) in Bidart, France, during the period of 16.4-23.4.2020, including 24 participants and 5 team members from 11 countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Greece, Malta, Poland Portugal and Slovenia).

During the 8-day training course, we will discover how to use educational games as a method of youth work. We use various forms of games as a form of pedagogy in teaching and in non-formal education. Our main idea is that simulation & roleplay games is appealing and fun for everybody, making it ideal as a tool for educational work with youngsters.

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MOVIT Training “Youth Work with Refugees and Migrants in E + Programs: Presentation of the Circus Pedagogy Method, Ljubljana

11 of April, the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum hosted an event “Youth Work with Refugees and Migrants in Erasmus +: Youth in Action and European Solidarity corps presentation of the Circus Pedagogy Method. At the event, we tried out some simple acrobatic elements that can be used by everyone safely, while achieving many positive effects on group dynamic, networking and self-confidence.

The introduction included representatives of Terra Vera, APIS Institute, Slovenian Philanthropy, Humanitas Society, the Loytra Society and the Gmajna Cultural Society. They presented successful projects already completed that included migrants and refugees.

In the final part of the event, participants developed and build their own ideas for future projects using the Proaction Cafe method of mutual support.

Step into Strategic Partnership Berlin

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Cirkus La Bulle is going to Berlin!

While many countries in Europe and the world choose to close themselves, we believe that the solution to many social problems lies in global multicultural approaches, dialogue and exchange and the increased tolerance and empathy that results from these.

Circus is a magic activity that connects people and teach them tolerance and trust towards one another.

We want to spread the magic as wide as we can and that is why we are joining the training course Step into Strategic Partnership, organised by the German Erasmus+ national agency. Continue reading

Erasmus + training course : “Circus pedagogy as a tool of youth work” in Brežice, Slovenia

Cirkus La Bulle hosted the Erasmus + training course called “Circus as a tool of youth work”.

30 participants from 12 countries met in Brežice, Slovenia and learned many circus disciplines and how to use them in the context of youth work.

They also created a performance that they played at the osnovna šola from Brežice in front of more than 200 people.